If it’s true that the health of a specific artistic movement  can be mesured by new generations that take  a challenge  and draft brand new ways of “making art”, we can be sure that the italian jazz is living an absolutely unique moment of grace. We  can affirm we are facing “the golden age of italian jazz”.

Giovanni Guidi and Gianluca Petrella represent two of the most convincing examples  of  this “blessed” period.

Talking about Giovanni Guidi, we can refer ourselves no longer about a revelation, but about a fullfilled musician, that, just in a few years, found is way by lips and bounds.

A way made of distinct plots and a clear awareness in every artistic choice.
It can’t be a coincidence that a veteran musician as Enrico Rava wanted him by his side and can hardly do without him.
We can say the same thing about Gianluca Petrella who certainly represents one of the most interesting and affirmed names, not only ithe worldwide jazz overview of these latest years, but, also of the best exponents of contemporary music musicians tout court.


About Them:

“…..a very high  artistic and emotional quality concert was that performed by the Giovanni Guidi & Gianluca Petrella duo wich opened the Greek Museum  events season.
This partnership is built on an evident human feeling between the two musicians.
The trombonist’s expressive world is grew over time evolving;
today its acute and long notes, the use of vibrato and melodic sense are able to reach a poetic lyricism, and even a certain serenity , far away from the moody and unpredictable pugnacity he got us used to in the past.
Anyway, these relaxed moments, do not exclude the typical trombonist’s contrasted and expressive ignitions .
That’s why his  musical relationship with Guid works so well. Guidi, in fact, can  marvelously melt these two contrasting aspects of deep intimacy and cruel  outgoing moments.
Guidi picks these two opposite aspects  and lock them up, inside his personality, inside his compositive attitude.
He’s way of playing piano , gently suggestive and, extremely complex at the same time, makes this perfect union happen.
The “Over the Rainbow” version performed in Orvieto, for instance, was simply amazing: played with a very light finger of the piano and whispered by the damper of Petrella’s trombone.”



Giovanni Guidi born in Foligno 1985,  meets Enrico Rava during a Workshop in Siena. Rava notices his talent and decides to include him in “Rava Under 21” project, that would become  “Rava New Generation” after a little time. With this group Guidi will record two CDs , in 2006 and in 2010, for “ESPRESSO” magazine. At the moment , beyond the partnership with Gianluca Petrella, his own personal trio with Luca Aquino and Michele Rabbia, his quartet  leaded with the young sax “enfant prodige” Mattia Cigalini,Guidi is always leader of his own groups. He took part to a very large number of important  jazz festivals all around the world. We may mension Umbria Jazz, Vicenz New Conversation, Zurich Nu Jazz, Umbria Jazz Balcanic Windows, Stavanger Mai Jazz, Jazzlandia, Noth Sea Jazz Festival, San Francisco Jazz Festival, Molde Jazz, Portland Jazz Festival, and many others. Moreover , he performed in many clubs and theatres in New york, San Paolo, Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Brasilia, Slavador De Bahia, Berlino, Parigi, Londra, Monaco, Dublino, Seoul, Hong Kong. His first album as a leader  is“Tomorrow Never Knows” , recorded by the japanese label VENUS, receiving  five stars  in a review  by the “Swing Journal” magazine. After that he released other four albums for CAM JAZZ label: “Indian Summer” and “The House Behind This One”   recorded with his quartet, “The Unknown Rebel “ with a band of ten elements and “We Don’t Live Here Anymore” recorded in New York  with Gianluca Petrella, Michael Blake, Thomas Morgan and Gerald Clever. His first album as leader released by the prestigious ECM label is dated 2013: “City of Broken Dreams”, recorded in trio with Thomas Morgan and Joao Lobo. Guidi had just recorded previously two other labums for ECM: “Tribe” and “ On The Dance Floor”, both by Enrico Rava. Guidi won, moreover, several awards, such as  the “TOPJAZZ “ award by “ Musica Jazz” magazine. In that occasion the young pianist is been named by a 58 members giury the best talent of 2007. Guidi recorded a new album that was out last march. “This Is The Day”, released by ECM and recorded with  Thomas Morgan and Joao Lobo .

Giovanni Guidi - official facebook page


Gianluca Petrella is one of the most talented trombonists in the world, so that he twice won o the “Down Beat Critics Poll” award as best rising star trombonist. His international collaborations include, among others: Steve Swallow, Greg Osby, Carla Bley, Steve Coleman, Tom Varner, Michel Godard, Lester Bowie, Sean Bergin, Hamid Drake,Marc Ducret, Roswell Rudd, Lonnie Plaxico, Ray Anderson, Pat Metheny, Oregon, John Abercrombie, Aldo Romano, Steven Bernstein, and Sun Ra Arkestra directed by Marshall Allen. He worked  also with italian musicians  such as : Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Stefano Bollani, Giovanni Guidi and others. In the “electronical music area” he played with “9lazy9” (Ninja Tunes) and  he performed with the worldwide famous avant duo Matmos. In the same music field stands the collaboration with Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer for the project “Re:ECM”. He uses to perform also with Nicola Conte and Dj Ralf. He released his first electronical music album “103 Ep”, in Februrary 2015 with Electronique Records. At the moment he is active with: the brend new “ Cosmic Renaissence”  quintet, composed  by Mirco Rubegni ( Trumpet,), Francesco Ponticelli (bass), Federico Scettri (drums) and Simone Padovani (percussions); Giovanni Guidi (piano) with whom he recorded, in February 2015 , an album for ECM, after an important yera spent performing all around the world with the “SoupStar” duo; the “Tubolibre Quartet”, composed by Oren Marshall (tuba), Gabrio Baldacci (guitar) and Cristiano Calcagnile (drums); “Il Bidone” a Nino Rota tribute quintet; a duo with Gabrio Baldacci; the solo “Exp and Tricks” project, a musical journey through the first years of Cinema (in collaboration with Cineteca di Bologna).

He always uses to perfom in Enrico Rava’s projects, moreover, he recently created a brand new powerful quartet: “Brass Bang”, composed by Paolo Fresu, Steven Bernstein and Marcus Rojas.

Gianluca Petrella - official facebook page




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