Aquino - Guidi - Rabbia



LUCA AQUINO - trumpet

MICHELE RABBIA - batteria 


Giovanni Guidi born in Foligno 1985,  meets Enrico Rava during a Workshop in Siena. Rava notices his talent and decides to include him in “Rava Under 21” project, that would become  “Rava New Generation” after a little time. With this group Guidi will record two CDs , in 2006 and in 2010, for “ESPRESSO” magazine.At the moment , beyond the partnership “SoupStar” with Gianluca Petrella, his trio coleaded with Luca Aquino and Michele Rabbia, his quartet coleaded with the young sax “enfant prodige” Mattia Cigalini,Guidi is the leader of his groups.He took part to a very large number of important  jazz festivals all around the world. We may mension Umbria Jazz, Vicenz New Conversation, Zurich Nu Jazz, Umbria Jazz Balcanic Windows, Stavanger Mai Jazz, Jazzlandia, Noth Sea Jazz Festival, San Francisco Jazz Festival, Molde Jazz, Portland Jazz Festival, and many others. Moreover , he performed in many clubs and theatres in New York, Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Brasilia, Slavador De Bahia, Berlin, Paris, London, Munich, Dublin, Seoul, Hong Kong.His first album as  leader  is“Tomorrow Never Knows” , recorded by the japanese label VENUS, receiving  five stars  in a review  by the “Swing Journal” magazine.After that he released other four albums for CAM JAZZ label: “Indian Summer” and “The House Behind This One”   recorded with his quartet; “The Unknown Rebel “ with a band of ten elements; and “We Don’t Live Here Anymore” recorded in New York  with Gianluca Petrella, Michael Blake, Thomas Morgan and Gerald Cleaver.His first album as leader released by the prestigious ECM label is dated 2013: “City of Broken Dreams”, recorded in trio with Thomas Morgan and Joao Lobo.Guidi had just recorded previously two other labums for ECM: “Tribe” and “ On The Dance Floor”, both by Enrico Rava.Guidi won, moreover, several awards, such as  the “TOPJAZZ “ award by “ Musica Jazz” magazine. In that occasion the young pianist is been named by a 58 members giury the best talent of 2007.Guidi recorded a new album that has been out on next march. “This Is The Day”, released by ECM, with  Thomas Morgan and Joao Lobo .




Luca Aquino is a trumpet and flugel horn player and composer.He was born in Benevento in 1974.His first instrument was the trumpet when he was 19. He was fascinated, in fact, by the warm and wide Miles Davis’ sound.He quit  playing after only two years.Fascinated by the Chat Baker sound he Pick the trumpet up for the second time without quitting anymore.Luca learned playing all by himself. He had just a few teachers, one of them is Paolo Fresu. He took part to many international projects. He received the international “Massimo Urbani” award as solo artist and in 2008 he released his first album as solo artist: “ Sopra Le Nuvole”, recorded by Universal Music.In 2009, with Roy Hargrove and Maria Pia De Vito, he recorded  “Lunaria” cd  that won the “Musica Jazz “ magazine award as best italian talent. He worked with important musicians, such as :Jon Hassell, Enrico Rava and Paolo Fresu, and performed in over seven hundreds gigs all around the world. In 2012 became one of the elements of Manu Katchè’s quartet  and in 2013 released, as solo artist, his latest album: “aQustico”. He took part to hundreds recording sessions, from jazz music to hip hop, from grunge to metal and pop music.He even created the “Riverberi” art festival because Luca is a free artist who loves playing without impositions.


Michele Rabbia is a real thightrope walker of drums and every kind of percussion instruments in general.He was born in Turin in 1965. After a first approach to the instrument with Giorgio Artoni, he grew up with Enrico Lucchini’s drums courses. In 1989, in the USA, he studied with Alan Dawson and Joe Hunt.Since 1994, when he moved back  to Italy (in Rome) , he has played with “Aires Tango “group. With This group, leaded by the Argentinian sax player Javier Girotto, he recorded seven albums performing in over three hundreds gigs. He also played  with some others important musicians such as Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Peppe Servillo and Gianni Coscia.His passion for improvisations made him play, live and in studio, with Michel Godard, Rita Marcotulli, Charlie Mariano, Antonello Salis, Marc Ducret and many others.He also experienced others artistic flieds, collaborating with dance performers and companies and with artists such as Gabriele Amadori.






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