Anat Cohen & Trio Brasileiro


ANAT COHEN - clarinet 

DOUGLAS LORA - guitar 

DUDU MAIA - mandolin


Clarinet virtuoso Anat Cohen has always felt a deep connection to the musical traditions of Brazil – an influence readily apparent in a number of her original recordings and live performances. Over numerous trips to Brazil, Anat has found kindred spirits in the remarkable musicians of Trio Brasileiro, whose devotion to the language of music and love of Brazilian music she shares. Consisting of the celebrated guitarist, Douglas Lora; one of Brazil’s finest mandolinists, Dudu Maia; and the amazing percussionist, Alexandre Lora; Trio Brasileiro joined Anat Cohen on a collaborative album released in 2016, Alegria Da Casa which, as the title suggests, is a work of pure joy. Anat & Trio Brasileiro look forward to the release of a second recording and tour dates around the world in Spring 2017, performing music that celebrates the rich and varied culture of Brazil, blended with Anat’s ebullient brand of jazz.




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