Avishai Cohen - trumpet
Yonatan Albalak - guitar
Uzi Ramirez -  guitar, bass
Aviv Cohen - drums
Ziv Ravitz - drums

Two drummers, two guitarists, and one trumpet.
Avishai Cohen has been a star in the international jazz scene for many years and is considered one of the best trumpet players in the world.

The beginning of this project started a few years ago in New York, that’s where the writing and the collecting of materials took place with the bassist Me’Shell Ndegeocello
The band has performed in downtown New York and developed the project’s unique sound which combines rock & roll, psychedelic, groove, jazz and more, all in wonderful synergy.

Avishai selected a non-standard composition for this project in Israel. A composition of two drummers, two guitarists and no bass, and as a result a new and uncharacteristic space opens up which allows musicians to reach to new realms .


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