Enrico Rava: tp
Joe Lovano: ts
Giovanni Guidi: p
Dezron Douglas: b
Gerald Cleaver: dr

After 20 years Rava and Lovano are together again for a special project with the italian pianist Giovanni Guidi, Dezron Douglas on double bass and Gerald Cleaver on drums.
The repertoire is mostly based on Rava's compositions and some standards.
The band will create a modern form of jazz, lyric, involving and emotional, something unique.
Rava's touch will enlighten the individual voices of these extraordinary musicians.

Enrico RAVA and Joe LOVANO are unique and original musicians , each of them with their own stylistic peculiarities.
RAVA is  considered among the great Fathers of European Jazz  and LOVANO one of the greatest jazzmen of the modern era.
The two musicians can be heard in the most prestigious theaters, clubs festivals around the world and their records are published by the most important labels.

After 25 years they re- appear together  in an exceptional quintet that combines jazz musicians of great value from the US as  Dezron DOUGLAS on bass and Gerald CLEAVER on drums and from Italy as Giovanni GUIDI on piano.

The original music for this new project is mostly  written by RAVA with some tunes composed by LOVANO and some beautiful standard.

Two great top players in a single band. Not a jam session or a race or a competition, but a modern personality mix to create distinctive moments of great music. A modern jazz like you have never heard, fascinating and exciting. A real enlightenment of the individual voices of each of these extraordinary musicians.

Enrico RAVA, has always been involved in the most different  experiences , he  appeared on the jazz scene in the mid-sixties, rapidly imposing himself as one of the most compelling soloists of the European jazz. His human and artistic sincerity puts him outside of any scheme and makes a rigorous musician but careless of the conventions. His style is immediately recognizable, his lyrical sound constantly sustained by an astonishing freshness of ideas which are revealed in all his musical endeavors.

The secret to Joe LOVANO’s success is his fearless ability to challenge and push the conceptual and thematic choices he makes in a quest for new modes of artistic expression, further defining the Jazz idiom.
Joe has long experimented with varying ensembles and formats, including playing unaccompanied saxophone and gongs, as well in duets, trios, quartets, quintets, his Wind Ensemble, Street Band and Nonet, all reflecting his searching and dynamic personality.
As much a composer as player, Joe is constantly seeking new ways to express his muse

Dezron DOUGLAS and Gerald CLEAVER are ones of the most creative and reliable rhythm  section of the international scene. Their collaborations are numerous: among others ,Dezron Douglas with Ravi Coltrane, Eric Reed, Louis Hayes, Gerald Cleaver with Roscoe Mitchell, Miroslav Vitous, Charles Lloyd, Craig Taborn, William Parker.

The youngest of the quintet is the 32 year old pianist Giovanni GUIDI, former partner of many adventures with Rava, since he was 19 years old, leading his  own groups with whom he recorded three albums already in the house ECM. And he is one of the most respected musicians of his generation, always in search of  solutions as an improviser, composer and bandleader.


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