Francesco Bearzatti  clarinet & sax
Giovanni Falzone  trumpet
Danilo Gallo bass
Zeno De Rossi drums

Bearzatti gives voice to his love for storytelling as he rolls out a series of tributes with his Quartet: Suite for Modotti (2008), Suite for Malcolm (2010), Monk N Roll (2013) and This Machine Kills Fascists (2015). Each album takes you on a special journey, telling a story in a way that has Bearzatti’s mark all over them. His ability to straddle the avant-garde and tradition has one reviewer raving over the award-winning Malcolm, drawing comparisons with Charles Mingus. Listen carefully and you’ll discover that these tributes are complete works: at the crossroads of history and news, politics, culture and of course music.

Bearzatti’s interpretations are unique. In the following interview The Storyteller explains how he delivers his version of “Combat Jazz” through his take on political activist and singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie in This Machine …

Coming Soon….
Bearzatti’s Tinissima 4tet presents a new musical tribute ZORRO. The adventures of one of the most loved masked vigilantes gets to play centre stage through the music of one of the equally passionate and militant groups on the European jazz scene in recent years….



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