Anat Cohen, clarinet
Avishai Cohen, trumpet
Yuval Cohen, sax

The best jazz groups are made up of kindred spirits, but the rare family band has something more – an intuitive feel for each other that goes beyond words and gestures to a kind of bred-in-the-bone telepathy. The 3 Cohens are that sort of uncommon collective, a trio of siblings from Tel Aviv, Israel – tenor saxophonist/clarinetist Anat Cohen, trumpeter Avishai Cohen and soprano saxophonist Yuval Cohen – whose sense of improvisational interplay is both uncannily fluent and wonderfully, infectiously warm. Along with performing on stages the world over, The 3 Cohens have four studio albums to their credit: One (2004), Braid (2007), Family (2011) and Tightrope (2013). When The 3 Cohens were featured on the cover of DownBeat Magazine, the article depicted the character of the group this way: “Chemistry. Alchemy. Telepathy. All are appropriate words to describe the otherworldly quality of improvisation by a band with longstanding individual credentials… There’s something special at work here – a new level of anticipation and celebration. Witness the joyful – and at times, whimsical and intimate – conversations and interweaving horn textures.”


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