Emile Parisien / Vincent Peirani

Emile Parisien soprano saxophone
Vincent Peirani accordion / voice

After paying tribute to musicians and composers of the Belle Époque, including Sydney Bchet and Duke Ellington, to name just two of them, Vincent Peirani and Émile Parisien set out to discover Argentine tango.

Between performances of traditional pieces (Carlos Gardel, Astor Piazzolla) and the creation of new ones (Gubitsch, Peirani, Parisien), these two exceptional musicians – they know each other so well from their long collaboration that they seem to blend into one – present their own renderings of themes such as Temptation by Xavier Cugat, and they even go so far as to play a melody by Jelly Roll Morton.
With this new repertoire they give us their interpretation of tango music – a personal interpretation, anchored in the deepest traditions of this popular genre, and taking both tango and us to regions hitherto unexplored.

Emile Parisien
Saxophonist Emile Parisien is one of the most important protagonists of contemporary French jazz. A jazz visionary, who may have one foot in that ancient soil, but his gaze is firmly fixed on the future. The leading French newspaper Le Monde has called him “the best new thing that has happened in European jazz for a long time,” while the Hamburg radio station NDR made the point of telling its listeners to give Parisien their “undivided attention.” The reference points on Parisien’s personal musical map are very widely spread indeed. They range from the popular folk traditions of his homeland to the compositional rigour of contemporary classical music, and also to the abstraction of free jazz. And yet everything he does has a naturalness and authenticity about it. Rather than appearing pre-meditated or constrained, his music has a flow, he traverses genres with a remarkable fleetness of foot and an effortless inevitability. What is it that makes the simple urgency of Parisien’s music quite so enjoyable? How does he manage to combine a provocative and anarchic streak with such a captivating sense of swing? Anyone who has seen and heard him on stage will know: it is because he lives his jazz with body and soul, because there is an authenticity and honesty inflecting every breath and every note.

Vincent Peirani
Like all popular music, jazz is associated with strong personalities. International recognition of accordionist Vincent Peirani rests on that essential, fundamental quality. His musical charisma, his very distinctive creative skills, his unique approach to his art – all of which are the fruit of a very open, unblinkered attitude – strike the listener immediately.
After brilliant studies in classical music (many international awards), his dive into the world of jazz received the seal of success from the start and was crowned at the Victoires du Jazz in 2014 (“Revelation”) and 2015 (“Artist of the Year”). Vincent Peirani has the ability to turn everything he touches into gold: in jazz, of course (his own projects, but also collaborations with Daniel Humair, Michel Portal, and others), but also in chanson (Sanseverino, Les Yeux Noirs), film music (composer for Mathieu Almaric's Barbara in 2017), and so on. Whatever the style, the public follows: in his performances, he creates a balance between the relatively straightforward (inventive revivals of well-known themes) and a blessed unexpectedness, with art music and popular music very close to each other, a sign of great artistry.
The man who, ten years ago, completely renewed the language of the accordion (and continues to do so) has become a major artist, whose uninhibited, cosmopolitan view of music and sense of instrumental combination and colour, enable him to bring that rare and precious magical touch to everything he does.



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