MAGDA GIANNIKOU - vocals and accordeon

KEiTA OGAWA - percussion



For their third album, Banda Magda assembles a multi-cultural cast and crew of musicians, cinematographers, engineers, and visual artists to create the multi-disciplinary work "TIGRE: Stories of Courage and Fearlessness". Drawing from the musical heritage of countries such as Greece, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, France, Mali, and Zimbabwe, TIGRE is comprised of orchestral music and songs, sung in four different languages, by greek-born singer, bandleader, and composer, Magda Giannikou. The music vignettes are brought to life by a unique ensemble of New York-based renowned jazz, world, and classical instrumentalists and vocalists. But TIGRE is more than music. It seeks to join artforms, languages, genres, rhythms, and cultures to create a powerful and resonating moving image and sound that rises with courage against all the fears that fog the road to dreams, achievement, and prosperity. On stage, Tigre is tranformed into a high-energy musical celebration that flows effortlessly from the close friendship of some of New York’s best. Andres Rotmistrovsky on bass (Marta Gomez), Ignacio Hernandez on guitar (Gregorio Uribe Big Band) as well as percussionists Marcelo Woloski and Keita Ogawa, guitarist Chris McQueen and keyboardist/trumpetist Justin Stanton, who are regular members of the multiple Grammy Award Winning group, Snarky Puppy. Under the unique direction of bandleader, vocalist and composer Magda Giannikou (Louis CK, Kronos Quartet), the
experience transcends your typical concert and peeks into theatre and storytelling joined by vigorous audience participation that seeks to break down walls between seat and stage, forming even stronger bonds between fan and artist. In Tigre, Brazilian maracatu rhythms join Greek lyrics, Colombian cumbia meets French Chanson. Languages and rhythm from all over the globe cross-pollinate in a playground of
creativity, forming a unique sound, a fearless genre in itself.



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