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"RTE" - Guidi, Petrella, Sclavis, Cleaver - Ida Lupino


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Made by two Italians, a Frenchman and an American, Ida Lupino was recorded and mixed in three days, which appears to be something of an ECM tradition at this point. “When we listen to what we’ve played, we’re left a little speechless, because there are so many subtleties that transform the whole quality of the music,” says Giovanni Guidi, the pianist at the heart of things. That ‘speechless’ is endearing, not so much bragging, as suggesting that the ensemble was so focused by time constraints that they did unforeseen things which they hadn’t expected to do with the mostly improvised material to hand. READ MORE...

"RTE" - Guidi, Petrella, Sclavis, Cleaver - Ida Lupino

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